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For more than a century, Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services has met the most urgent needs of children who are helpless, who cannot take care of themselves, and who must have our care. We have remained diligent in our mission where countless others have closed their doors. Our resolve increases every time we look into the eyes of a child experiencing God's love for the first time. Your support will allow us to serve tens of thousands of children and families throughout the coming years as we expand our services into this region.


“Who will be able to help children with these unique needs?”

The answer is invariably “Methodist Children’s Home!”


We are building a state-of-the-art residential psychiatric treatment facility for children 6 - 14 years old in the midst of the greatest need in our state. Using the skills and expertise developed over our 117 year history, we will provide intense therapy to the young children placed in our care.

Half of our children are among the 4500 Louisiana foster children, and half are privately placed with us from homes teetering on the verge of collapse because of out of control behavior and emotions.

In addition to receiving extraordinary evidence-based therapy, our children will know the love of God as it shines through every word spoken to them, every kindness shown to them, every meal served to them and every caring heart that listens as they begin their long journey of healing. With us they will experience - perhaps for the first time - the wholesome and spontaneous joy that life can offer.

Healing is contagious! Each child is connected to his immediate family, sometimes multiple immediate families. The gift of healing will be carried home to brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents and extended families.

Why are we building this new children's home? Our beliefs compel us to follow our mission, and our mission compels us to guide children and families home to experience God's love by following the teachings of Christ.


We bring together the experience and knowledge of 117 years of caring for children and families.



For 117 years, people just like you have made sure that Louisiana’s children have someone to turn to when no one else will help them.


The foundation of regional services in Southeast Louisiana will support a state-of-the-art psychiatric residential treatment facility with an adjacent clinic and administrative building.


We will offer hands-on training for older youth and young adults in the region as well as training for our staff serving in other regions.


$2,500,000 OF $10,000,000 RAISED