Laying the foundation


For 117 years, people just like you have made sure that Louisiana’s children have someone to turn to when no one else will help them.  Your faithful and generous support ensures that the Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home will continue its mission into the next 100 years.

We have developed specialized skills, programs and services to care for and treat children burdened with emotional and behavioral illnesses caused by years of abuse and neglect.  When the question arises in the halls of state government, “Who will be able to help children with these unique needs?” the answer is invariably “Methodist Children’s Home!”

We are established in North and Southwest Louisiana with two wholly owned children’s homes where children live, eat, learn, play, worship and receive exceptional treatment for their emotional injuries.  

In December 2015 we purchased 126 acres of undeveloped land north of I-12 east of Hammond, Louisiana, in Tangipahoa Parish.  We are now creating a premier treatment facility in Southeast Louisiana located in the middle of 50% of the state’s entire population.  

In Louisiana, there will always be a need for the type of child welfare services we provide. Based on that fact, and upon the clear guidance from leadership in Louisiana’s child welfare agencies, we created the following plans for developing the 126 acres in Southeast Louisiana.

Estimated Cost: $2,500,000

Project Start Date: October 2018

Projected End Date: September 2019




For 117 years, people just like you have made sure that Louisiana’s children have someone to turn to when no one else will help them.


The foundation of regional services in Southeast Louisiana will support a state-of-the-art psychiatric residential treatment facility with an adjacent clinic and administrative building.


We will offer hands-on training for older youth and young adults in the region as well as training for our staff serving in other regions.